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A Spotlight on LaLe Ozbey: Her Passion for her Role and CRN’s 2023 Women of the Channel Honor

Discover the inspiring journey of LaLe Ozbey, Nyriad's Head of Channel, as she shares her passion for the channel and her recognition in CRN's 2023 Women of the Channel list.

Meet LaLe Ozbey, Nyriad's Head of Channel

Every year, CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, recognizes remarkable women in the technology industry for their creativity, strategic thinking, and leadership. This year, we are proud to announce that our very own LaLe Ozbey, Head of Channel, has been named to the Women of the Channel list for 2023. In this blog post, we share an inspiring conversation with LaLe about her professional journey and her building blocks for success.

Q: How did your career in the channel begin, and what inspired you to pursue this path?

LaLe: My career in technology started as an Account Executive, working directly with customers. In 2015, an unexpected move to Texas led me to a Channel Sales role. Although it wasn’t a planned career switch, I quickly realized my passion for the channel and have never looked back.

Q: What does being recognized in the CRN 2023 Women of the Channel List mean to you personally and professionally?

LaLe: It’s an immense honor to be recognized alongside industry colleagues and the strong women who have been acknowledged for their achievements in the channel. Joining their ranks while representing Nyriad is a source of immense pride for me and a testament to the impact of my contributions to the business.

Q: How have Nyriad’s partners contributed to your success?

LaLe: I firmly believe in the value of partnerships, and I credit my success to the support and guidance I have received from them over the years. They have taught me how to create lasting relationships and mutually beneficial business models.

Q: What advice would you give to others looking to pursue a career in the channel?

LaLe: Embrace the many roles you’ll play and enjoy the process of building deep, lasting relationships. The channel offers a unique opportunity to experience all aspects of the sales process, develop valuable skills, and make connections that last a lifetime.

Q: How do you envision the future of Nyriad’s channel partnerships, and what steps are you taking to ensure continued growth and innovation?

LaLe: I am dedicated to ensuring continued growth and innovation in Nyriad’s channel partnerships. I envision a future where the company works with all business aspects through channel partners and maintains a simple, profitable Pioneer Program. My goal is to provide more tailored marketing and business plans that support partners’ growth objectives.

Q: How do you foster a collaborative and supportive work environment with your partners and team members?

LaLe: I love working with my partners and team members because of the faith and support they show in Nyriad. I appreciate their commitment to engaging and collaborating in every aspect of the business, creating a supportive environment that fosters success for all involved.

Q: Do you have any words of gratitude or thoughts you’d like to share with our partners, and colleagues who have supported you on your journey?

LaLe: I extend my deepest gratitude to all Nyriad Pioneer Partners and the entire team at Nyriad. My achievements would not have been possible without their cooperation, support, and faith in my abilities. They inspire me every day!

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