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Solution Brief

Nyriad and Digital Glue joint solution

Eliminate Post-Production Delays and Deliver Content on Deadline and on Budget with DigitalGlue and Nyriad

With a single UltraIO storage array and a highly-available pair of creative.space servers, the combined solution can achieve sustained performance of up to 12GB/s of concurrent reads and writes through creative.space in a system with 3.3PB of usable capacity.

Introducing the ultimate solution for media storage needs – DigitalGlue’s creative.space platform and Nyriad UltraIO data storage solution.

With the ability to easily scale environments without compromising performance, efficiency, or resilience, the solution simplifies workflows and eliminates the need to create multiple copies of files. With high read and write bandwidth capabilities, the UltraIO storage removes storage as a bottleneck, while withstanding multiple drive failures and maintaining maximum throughput. The simple and easy-to-manage solution also comes with joint support from DigitalGlue and Nyriad.

Download the solution brief and discover how this innovative solution can take your media storage to the next level.


Media & Entertainment


United States

Use Case:

- Non-Linear Editing
- Rendering
- Streaming
- Content Ingest
- Post Production
- Active Archive

Please download the SOLUTION Brief below: