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Opinion of Storage Vendors on 2022 Market

For as long as there have been computer systems, criminals have sought advantage by breaking into them. But something changed this year.

Nyriad was feature in an article on StorageNewsletter.com 

Like every year, StorageNewsletter.com has asked vendors for their 2022 retrospective. Here are analyzed these results to found the following major topics:

  1. This year, cloud in multiple flavors (multi, hybrid, private, edge, SaaS and operating model) arrives #1 with more than 56% in all answers.

  2. Without any surprise, ransomware is #2 with 32%.

  3. Then media in various aspects (SSD, NVMe, Tape, Optics), data protection and data management arrive #3 with 24%.

Nyriad (Adam Roberts, field CTO)

It didn’t all come back, and it didn’t all go to the cloud
The theory that all data/workloads would move to the cloud and on-premises resources would be virtually eliminated was not the case in 2022. Instead it became well understood that CIOs needed a hybrid approach to ensure data is stored in the technical environment best equipped to meet business, IT and budgetary requirements. This also gave rise to hybrid storage-as-a-service (hybrid STaaS). And for end users, the lines between consuming storage locally or in the cloud became increasingly blurred.
Industry began to overcome storage bloat
In a sense, the NAS and SAN providers dominated the market to such an extent that some of their solutions became bloated with unnecessary features and proprietary storage stacks. Inevitably, there was market pushback. The hyperscalers were the most vocal in this transition. They openly stated they would not buy expensive shared storage with unneeded features from large OEMs. And then others followed suit. Businesses were happy to add the cost and complexity of DAS/SDS, because it was still more economical than buying overpriced SAN/NAS solutions.
Data needs for M&E businesses continued to evolve
Studios and post-production facilities needed to store more and more data quickly and reliably to create high-quality content. At the same time, they needed to be able to access that data easily and quickly for editing and playback. As a result, M&E increasingly turned to storage solutions that had the ability to simultaneously capture content and playback in real time without a decrease in performance. This concurrency reduced time and improved efficiency – increasing the businesses’ profitability.

Read the rest of the article here.

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