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UltraIO™ for Video Surveillance & Digital Content Analytics

The video surveillance landscape is growing in complexity 

Video evidence is now everywhere in law enforcement.  New laws passed in many states require prompt availability of video, retention of video records for defined periods of time, and in many cases, specific methods of marking and categorizing video for future use.

As the demand and use cases for video surveillance grows, so does the amount of data generated that needs to be stored. Analysts estimate that by 2025 data from IoT cameras and other devices will be 79+ zettabytes*.  Additionally, increasing video retention times and enhanced camera resolution contribute to the challenges your organization may be encountering, requiring higher ingest performance, more storage capacity, and faster access to the video content while staying within tightening budgets.

With the number of cameras in use quickly multiplying, is your infrastructure able to keep up with the video ingestion streams and rates needed?

Why an UltraIO storage system?

Nyriad’s UltraIO storage system provides the read/write performance needed for the highest video ingest and playback required for the highest resolutions used in video surveillance systems and can handle tens of thousands of lower resolution cameras used in scenarios such as safety management applications.

It has the power to process analytic insights without disrupting live capture and has resilience safeguards against frame loss, providing peace of mind that video files are available and easily accessible when needed.


20GB/s in a single UltraIO System


Up to 20 drives of dynamic parity


Up to 92% overall efficiency with ~125TB per rack unit of usable capacity


Ultra low $/TB. Lower power/cooling. Simple to operate. Reduced Business Risk

*IDC, Worldwide Global DataSphere IOT Device and Data Forecast, 2019-2023

Learn how UltraIO storage offers ultra low cost per TB, lower power and cooling costs, and is simple to operate, reducing your business risk.

UltraIo for Video Surveillance

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