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Ultraio Frequently Asked Questions

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UltraIO harnesses the combined power of GPU and CPU to offer class-leading resilience, performance, economics and simplicity.

Historically, large-scale storage platforms have relied on RAID and redundant nodes to deliver resiliency and performance at the cost of complexity and administrative overhead.  UltraIO addresses these challenges head-on by providing very high bandwidth and density in a simple to deploy and manage appliance..

UltraIO’s Erasure Coding has several primary benefits:

  • Higher resiliency. Protect yourself from up to 20 simultaneous media failures with no data loss and no discernable performance dropoff.
  • Higher performance. By utilizing erasure codes spread across every available disk in the array, Nyriad customers see up to 20 GB/s throughput.
  • Faster rebuilds. Drives fail. UltraIO leverages the industry’s largest size drives, but removes the bottleneck of RAID that leads to a rebuild time sometimes stretching into weeks or even months!


UltraIO is delivered by our network of authorized resellers and installed by trained engineers offering a white-glove service in your Datacenter or Co-Location facility.

UltraIO software runs on a fully-integrated storage appliance that is scalable to over 6 PB of usable storage in as little as 16 rack units. With it’s flexible, converged network architecture, UltraIO easily integrates with your existing networks and applications.

UltraIO’s unique blending of GPU and CPU combined with a new way of performing erasure coding on true block workloads has many applications.


It is especially ideal for HPC, AI/ML, Media & Entertainment, and Data Protection workloads. Our combination of extreme throughput, extreme scalability, extreme resiliency and a class leading price point lends itself to many applications within the modern datacenter.

UltraIO delivers a unique blend of simplicity, resiliency, performance, scalability and economics that will revolutionize the way you deliver applications and services to your employees and customers. We have solved the traditional scaling and reliability challenges of traditional RAID enterprise storage.

Through the power of harnessing CPU and GPU to deliver storage at break-neck speeds, with class-leading resiliency with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) then competing solutions, UltraIO is the first true no-compromise enterprise data storage solution.

Converged Processor Architecture is the unique blending of multiple types of processors, primarily CPU and GPU to radically parallelize expensive storage computation. By leveraging the right generic X86 components for each task we can deliver an overall solution that is powerful and affordable.

By leveraging the power of a Converged Processor Architecture, we are able to protect against up to 20 simultaneous drive failures. In addition, our GPU-based calculations enable us to rebuild data in near-real time, and always enable data protecting technologies like checksums.

Click here to schedule your UltraIO demo today. We are also always happy to allow you to test with your specific applications and can discuss Proof-of-Concepts in our Datacenter… or yours!

UltraIO unlocks the full potential of your existing file systems. Our unique architecture combines the power of GPUs and CPUs, with a true block-based erasure coding to maximize performance and resiliency all while preserving an industry leading TCO.


With tested architectures for file systems such as BeeGFS, ZFS, StorNext and more contact us today to see how we unlock the full power of your filesystem.


An UltraIO volume is a standards-based POSIX block device. This approach allows us to easily integrate to your environment.

UltraIO utilizes commercially-available components and highly-efficient erasure coding to deliver a very high ratio of usable capacity to raw capacity.  With the performance benefits of our converged processor architecture, UltraIO can deliver performance that rivals tier-1 arrays at a price point more comparable to tier-3. 

UltraIO is available in capacities starting at 960TB usable capacity and is designed to scale to 6.6PB usable capacity in a single array.  With consistently high bandwidth and low latency, UltraIO will ensure applications, file systems, and other workloads perform well without additional tuning.

Nyriad Support is US-based, 24x7x365.  Add more here about options, depots, and escalations.

UltraIO is deployed as a pair of highly-available controllers and storage enclosures.  Once installed in your datacenter, setup is quick and easy.   Managing UltraIO is also simple with an intuitive HTML-5 browser, RESTful API, and CLI.

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