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Ultraio™ Data Storage Overview

The Nyriad® UltraIO™ data storage system uses the processing power of GPUs and advanced algorithms to deliver unprecedented performance, resiliency, and efficiency with low total cost of ownership. The UltraIO system supports block, file, and object data types in a single system, giving organizations the flexibility to consolidate storage and extend the system quickly and easily as needs dictate. In addition, the UltraIO system runs on industry-standard hardware, ensuring the system’s capabilities will improve as technologies become available. Combined with simplified management, these attributes let organizations deploy, manage, and nondisruptively scale the UltraIO data storage system. 

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0 GB/s
Read and Write Capability
0 %
performance sustained even if 20 drives concurrently fail*
*Drive-pull IOR bandwidth on UltraIO v1.0 and BeeGFS 7.2.5, test performed by System Fabric Works.


0 %
Capacity Efficiency

UltraIO™ System Value and Benefits


High Availability dual node (active passive) highly redundant design.


Maximizes throughput by keeping all the drives fully utilized all the time to provide read and write operations, and through intelligent placement to optimize block position.


The customer selects the level of resilience they need. Each block is erasure encoded when written. Any read failure (or data integrity failure) is repaired by dynamically recreating the failed blocks. Data loss is prevented even from multiple concurrent drive failures. No urgent drive replacement and rebuild required.


Performance is only slightly affected by media failure. Individual blocks are recreated if a read request is made. Performance drop of just 5% from instantaneous loss of 20 drives in a 200 drive system. No urgent drive rebuilds that slow performance.


Automatic Full Bit Correct Error detection and correction by recreation of damaged blocks. All blocks are individually hashed on write, checked on every read, and dynamically recreated accurately.


Uses the highest capacity drives available. Delivers large usable storage and a small footprint. Low overhead costs and extended durability. Low TCO.

Technology Leverage

Built with Industry Standard Technology. Makes use of the most advanced storage drives. Designed to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.


The system can grow horizontally to multiple petabytes.

Simplified Storage Management

Customers can non-disruptively connect UltraIO system as a POSIX Compliant Block Target into their existing infrastructure.

RESTful API and Secure Shell

UltraIO system provides a Secure Shell and REST API that conforms to the constraints of REST architectural style and allows for interaction with UltraIO RESTful web services.

UltraIO Administration GUI

UltraIO Administration GUI is a simple but powerful browser based management tool which does not require an external management server.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“As a company that offers highly innovative marketing services to customers around the world, time to deliver is our most demanding challenge…Thanks to the breakthrough performance delivered by UltraIO, along with the great support team at Nyriad, we achieved this goal.”
David Hellie
Chief Executive Officer of Digital Image

UltraIO™ System Specifications

H1000 H2000
Usable Capacity Range
0.9PB to 1.6PB
1.8PB to 3.3PB
Read Throughput
Write Throughput
ECC Memory
6 x 32GB DIMMs DDR4-2933
Persistent Memory (NVDIMM)
6 x 16GB NVDIMM DDR4-2933
Network I/O
4x 100GbE/EDR/HDR100 IFB QSFP56 ports (2x NICs)
Management Network I/O
2 x RJ45 10GBase-T Management Ports
1x RJ45 Dedicated IPMI LAN port
File Systems Supported
All POSIX compatible
Storage protocols supported
Full Redundant System Components, Active/Passive HA
Support & Service
12 to 60 Months Available, 24x7

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