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151 – RAID evolution & Erasure Coding at Scale

Facing challenges from SSDs and NVMe, RAID's landscape is shifting with innovators like Nyriad

151 - RAID evolution & Erasure Coding at Scale

RAID is a familiar concept to IT professionals, particularly those in infrastructure. However, with the increasing capacities of HDDs, the introduction of SSDs and flash storage, the emergence of NVMe, and the massive surge in data volumes, RAID has faced challenges. Recently, there have been new developments, recognitions of limitations, and a renewed focus on Erasure Coding – something we observed two decades ago with companies like Isilon and more contemporarily with large-scale storage solutions such as object storage. Similarly, P2P, decentralized, or dispersed storage are advancing these concepts. I’ve encountered various innovators presenting fresh ideas, some incorporating GPU on PCIe cards, including companies like GRAID Technology, Nyriad, and Pliops. As a technology, its significance is amplified, especially when operating at scale.

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