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UltraIO for Media & Entertainment

In today’s world, media and entertainment production can be fragile across every area, from streaming and OTT to movie theaters and live events. The more producers and distributors can rely upon their technical infrastructure and a robust data value chain, the more protected they are. 

The Nyriad UltraIO architecture enables the ever-evolving media and entertainment industry to stay ahead of the curve and take streaming, rendering, post-production workflows, and active archive to new levels of performance, resilience, and efficiency.


Media & Entertainment


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UltraIO for High-Performance Computing (HPC)

The flexibility and agility of Nyriad’s storage architecture enable energy companies to more easily adapt and customize their HPC capabilities to meet the emergent market, operational and customer requirements. 

Nyriad supports HPC challenges across Academics, Government Labs, Defense, Life Sciences & Computer-aided engineering and Product Design. Its more performant and scalable architecture and high resilience support continual analysis at the highest levels and allow for real-time adjustments and the use of increasingly complex and numerous data points without failover. Download the one pager below to learn more.

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UltraIO for backup & Restore

As more big data is collected, companies want their data to be readily available across multiple environments. Whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments, IT professionals want to ensure data availability and avoid costly data loss scenarios. Moreover, businesses want to feel confident that their data can be restored efficiently in case of drive failures or data disasters.  

Why UltraIO
UltraIO storage system utilizes the superior number-crunching capacity of the GPU to “generate” parity calculations. This enables automatic data recovery on scales impossible with a RAID card or a CPU. Moreover, UltraIO can deal with dozens of simultaneous device failures in real-time while maintaining I/O performance.

UltraIO for Archiving


As IT teams search for a solution, they are overcome by challenges such as storing petabytes of data for legal compliance among others and fast retrieval of data for research and business analytics to enable them with a competitive edge.  Given the sensitivity of the data, it is important that data be kept secure. Lastly, given the reduced usage of this data, it would only be economical to store it in a less expensive storage tier. 

Why UltraIO

UltraIOTM Storage System helps solve these challenges by providing data protection as it is implemented using block level erasure coding. The system allows for read and write performance upto 18 GB/s. It’s unique GPU-powered architecture enables intelligent data placement that enables customers to take advantage of the highest capacity media thereby resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The system leverages non-proprietary hardware and  supports block, file and object data types in a single system giving organizations the flexibility to consolidate storage and extend the system as need arises.

video rendering data processing

UltraIO for Video Surveillance


As the demand and use cases for video surveillance grow, so does the amount of data generated each day that needs to be stored. IDC estimates that by 2025 data from IoT cameras and other devices will be 79+ zettabytes₁. With the number of cameras in use quickly multiplying, current infrastructure is not able to keep up with the video ingestion streams and rates needed.

Why UltraIO

Nyriad’s UltraIO™ storage system leverages a software-defined combined CPU and GPU processor architecture providing accelerated performance and extreme parity making it a perfect solution for video surveillance use cases. The Nyriad UltraIO system can ingest video streams from as many as 90,000 cameras simultaneously. Download the brochure below to know more.