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Delivering your business the promise of simplicity and flexibility

Introducing UltraIO-as-a-Service

Businesses today must be creative and agile to stay viable and competitive while constantly navigating complex challenges such as budget constraints, rapid and unpredictable data growth, and operational complexity.

Whether your goal is driving innovation, getting to market faster or creating differentiation, your data needs to create value. UltraIO-as-a-Service provides a simple and flexible storage consumption model aligned to the fluctuating needs of your business.

What is Storage-as-a-Service?

STaaS is a flexible on-demand storage subscription model that enables organizations to meet their storage needs with financial predictability. Customers pay for the storage capacity they need when they need it.

Why Use StaaS? The STaaS model provides an alternate way to consume storage as a subscription, a different acquisition model than Capex purchases, and positions businesses to respond to changing market conditions faster.

STaaS can help these common challenges:

The difference is simplicity. That’s what sets us apart.


Delivers a single platform for Block, File & Object


A single Reserve Capacity encompasses all your storage needs


How storage is carved up for different data types


Single performance metric across the storage system

graph on a document with a thumbs up icon on on top at the bottom right of graphic


On-Demand Capacity is at least the same or greater than Reserve

settings graphic showing three lines with a slider circle


Raise & Lower the Reserve during the term

circle with three dollar signs evenly spaced out around the edge of circle


On-Demand Capacity is the same price per GB as the Reserve

Orange Line graph with an arrow going up and a circle with dollar sign behind it


On-Demand billing is based on Actual Used/Consumed Capacity

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Simple to understand and No Gotchas!

How it works

Delivering on the promise of simple customer experience. Select your services in three easy steps. Work with our trusted partners to manage the transaction. We do the rest.

Select term

Choose the term period that works best for you

Graphic of table charge with pencil icon on bottom right of it\
Select service

Define data service based on storage needs

Graphic of book with 1, 2 , 3 on the cover
Select reserve

You tell us how much capacity you need

We encourage our customers to evaluate UltraIO-as-a-Service in their own environments to learn how their workloads perform as no two environments are the same.

It really is that simple!​

Finally, a STaaS offering that is easy-to-understand, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-use. UltraIO-as-a-Service is tailor-made to deliver a simple and flexible user experience so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Room of partners at a office desk with a woman standing shaking hands with another man in suite who is also standing up
Everything is 100% delivered through our partners

Nyriad partners are a true extension of our team. Our ecosystem of channel and reseller partners will provide a simple contract, simple pricing, and additional value-added services as needed.

Our partners offer uniquely differentiated solutions

Our partners underscore our commitment to providing reliable and innovative storage solutions that can help solve complex challenges and drive your business outcomes.

This is the future of storage

Nyriad has unleashed the power of GPUs to revolutionize how data is stored, accessed and managed. UltraIO-as-a-Service makes storage easy to understand, deploy, and use giving organizations the agility to accelerate the innovations needed to solve the world’s most critical challenges.

Focus on your core business activities
Delivers a subscription model
A True OpEx Model*
*How OpEx is treated is subject to the customer’s internal accounting policies
Why UltraIO-as-a-Service

Nyriad’s UltraIO-as-a-Service delivers a storage-as-a-service model that is simple to understand, buy, deploy, use and manage, giving organizations like yours the agility to maintain productivity and power growth with predictable costs.



Predictable consumption costs and control of usage​



Lowers risk with flexible commitments and capacity growth


High, Consistent Performance

Cloud-like storage operations with on-premise performance advantages

What the industry is saying

“As the models evolve and businesses become more accustomed to consuming storage as a service, customers are now scrutinizing service models more stringently to ensure they fully understand the nuances of each offering to ensure they don’t run into any surprises. With Nyriad’s introduction of their UltraIO-as-a-Service storage model, Nyriad looks to have provided a simple to understand and flexible offering for their partners and customers alike.”

Dave Pearson
Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC

What the industry is saying

“Nyriad’s UltraIO-as-a-Service STaaS offering removes much of the complexity we see with many similar offerings available today. Technologent thrives on our ability to provide compelling and easily accessible offerings that support our customers’ business needs. Delivering innovative and modern solutions like UltraIO-as-a-Service positions us as a critical and forward-thinking partner who always strives to add value for our customers.”

Rod Wright
Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Engineering, Technologent
The UltraIO Storage System

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UltraIO-as-a-Service makes storage easy to understand, deploy, and use

UltraIO Storage Solutions

Explore the range of use cases, workloads and industries addressed by the Nyriad UltraIO Storage System.

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