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Nyriad CEO Herb Hunt: We’re Building ‘Breakthrough’ Storage Technology That Gets Better Performance At ’Higher Resilience, Higher Consistency’

While Herb Hunt, CEO of New Zealand-based storage startup Nyriad, is not yet ready to talk specifically about the company’s technology, he is ready to talk about its new $28 million funding round and the move to set up headquarters in the U.S.

Keeping Mum For Now

Herb Hunt loves talking about Nyriad, the New Zealand-based startup storage technology developer he joined just over a year ago as CEO. Hunt, who holds New Zealand, Canadian and U.S. citizenship, will talk about funding, recent hires, plans to move headquarters to the U.S. and more. But he goes nearly quiet when asked about the technology his company is developing because, despite receiving $36 million in funding so far, it’s not ready.

“We have lots of competitors, obviously,” Hunt told CRN. ”It’s a tough market. And we’d prefer not to let anybody know what we’re doing until we actually have to because we’re releasing product into the market and need to explain to customers how it works.”

Hunt will discuss the technology in general terms, noting that it is a software-based technology in combination with commodity hardware that uses a combination of GPUs and CPUs to provide fast performance with a low total cost of ownership. He said the company will have an indirect channel focus and is already talking to several solution providers.

Here is a look at a potential storage industry contender for 2022 and beyond.