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Partner Perspectives: Quinn Mitchell, Data in Science Technologies

Data in Science Technologies (DST) has large enterprise customers with storage needs that range from the hundreds of terabytes scale to those in the 10s of petabytes scale.

Nyriad spoke with Quinn Mitchell, at Data In Science Technologies (DST), who noted that traditional enterprise storage solutions may not have the resiliency to meet the needs of customers with large block storage requirements.

Quinn explained that as long as the customer’s storage needs are 200 terabytes and up, there are benefits of a GPU-based storage system, enabling customers to have a next-generation storage solution that provides resiliency across the board.

He said, “DST is already seeing the GPU-based storage used as primary tier storage for some work in Research fields. Some institutions are really interested in the resilience and the performance of this storage technology for larger files.”

Quinn further noted, “These customers are looking for proven solutions, not for a “big name” provider. They care about who has done this successfully before. Mature institutions are going to look at Nyriad’s UltraIO storage system. The more technical companies will do more testing and proof of concepts because it’s something that they’ve never used before.”

He further explained that others in media and entertainment will not be as interested in the technical aspects; they just want a next-generation solution that enables them to work with, transfer, and store very large files in a resilient, secure, and secure fashion.

Quinn concluded by saying, “UltraIO eliminates RAID storage limitations, including idle hot spares, urgent failed drive replacements, and long rebuild times.”

UltraIO™ is a trademark of Nyriad, Inc.

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